Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Captive Heart

The Captive Heart by Beatrice Small is book 3 in the Border Chronicles... which I didn't know until I finished reading the book (-_-) Since I don't have the other books to review them as one i'll just go seperately and hopefully i'll have the rest of the series soon.

My Review:
Beautiful. This book had so much to offer right off the bat. It's a historical romance that is written to perfection. I think it also shows the power and valor of a woman willing to stand up for herself and her family.
The year is 1461 and the War of the Roses (actual war in England at that time) was begining. Alix Givet (the main character) is the daughter of Queen Margarets physician: Alexander Givet. The Queen, her dilusional husband, and her son need to flee England, leaving behind Alix and her terminally ill father.
Then as if life couldn't get anymore difficult for her, she gets married to a very cruel man who abuses her and treats her no better than a dog (did I mention that he has a mistress and EVERYONE knows about it?). Then one day her husband, Hayle Watteson, brings her knews that his mistress is going to have his child. He says this proudly and his father is enraged, but does nothing.
Then greater tragedy struck when both the baby and Hayles mistress died during labor. Hayle was devistated and commited suicide. His father went dilusional and in a very very very bad twist he decided that he would marry Alix and have children (mind you, that Sir Udolf Watteson is crazy, as I pointed out, and probably as old as her father.) Alix says that the church will never allow the marriage, but Sir Udolf goes along with the plan.
Then, while hes away hunting she makes her escape. She managed to get far but was caught in a snow storm and so hid herslef to keep warm. She passed out and some farmers found her and took her to (drum roll).... The Laird of Dunglais's home. Inhibitted by the tall, dark, and sexy Laird, Malcolm Scott, and his sweet little daughter Fiona Scott.
From here on out the Laird andAlix start discovering their passion for one another, but Alix is restrained because of the rape and abuse that she had suffered. So Malcolm decides to take the gentle approach and soon Alix sees that Hayle and Malcolm are not the same. Her opinion on men changes and the story goes on.
Now, i'm sure you're thinking about Udolf and what about the marriage? Well i'm not going to spoil it for you. This book is packed with information, whirlwind romance, family love, and the corruption that was inside the men who made up the laws in England.
Just to tell you, there are so many secrets about Malcolms past along in the book. You don't want to miss it.

- Laura :)

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