Monday, June 28, 2010

Night World Series

The picture above is the cover of the Ultimate Fan guide. The regular series is four books but these are the first three. Any lover of young adult fiction is STRONGLY urged (by me) to read this series. I promise yo that you won't be disapointed in the least bit. If you like vampires, vampire hunters, witches, shapeshiftes (and i'm not just talking about warewolves), a strange kingdom, end ofthe world, and believe in soulmates then this series is a huge must read. Every book has three stories about different people and they all tie together. L.J. Smith writes such compelling stories that they become addicting and once you pick up the first book you just HAVE to read the rest. I personally just finished reading the third book and I can't wait to read the last book. It's so bittersweet because even though I want to find out the ending I just can't picture it ending.

The girls in the picture are Poppy( right) Iliana (middle) and Rashel (left) and each is on the cover of one ofthe three books andare in one of the three stories in the books. There's so much magic going on ad as you read the story of the Night World unfolds and you have to know ALL of its secrets, no mattr how dark.

I'm not going to tell anymore about the books because this is really a series to read for yourself and hopefully you'll be hooked on her writing (like I am) and buy her other series such as Vampire Diaries (ring a bell?), The Secret Circle series, The Forbidden Game series (highly recommended), and other books.

Honestly L.J. Smith is one of my role models for writting, she writes with so much fevor that will capture you until the very end.

- P.S. You can go to hersite to check out contests and new releases

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  1. I'm not interested in Vampire stories(dunno why? haven't read one so far). But I see a lot who die for these stories!!!